January 17, 2013

GREMLINS Reboot In The Works Again

Vulture reports that Warner Bros. is talking with Amblin Entertainment to develop a reboot of the 80's classic Gremlins. While similar talks have happened over the years it's possible it could be more concrete than previously. It's possible but not confirmed that Steven Spielberg could end up producing the project. A little piece of me is upset that this reboot could end up chucking out the classic puppets for cheap-looking CGI instead. Fingers-crossed that the Henson Company ends up getting involved.

Here's hoping if this has to happen that the studio ends up hiring some truly funny leads like Charlie Day (Sunny In Philly, Horrible Bosses, Pacific Rim) and Alison Brie (Community, Five-Year Engagement, Mad Men).


  1. I completely agree about getting rid of the puppets, as I'm a big fan of make-up and puppets over CGI especially with Henson's work on Farscape (it'd be amazing if they were involved). I watched Gremlins over the holidays and thought it still looked great.

  2. it's a classic for sure.. I loved the second one as well amazing puppet work on the bat/spider gremlins.. I remember Gremlins 2 being one of the first films I watched on cable back in 1991..

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